Saturday, 28 May 2011


I have wanted my own site for soo long  and the chance came. I met some amazing webmasters and set a meet with my new web team. We clicked instantly and i knew i was in great and capable hands.
We got shooting right away calaberating all our awesome shoot ideas we were able to get some amazing content i loved helping in planning the shoots and we had a blast doing it..

During some of the orgasmic shoots one of my web master noticed my leg twitches when i orgasm although he was afraid id kick him in the face we got through it with no bruises or broken bones hehe.. And we were even able to get some great photos of what he calls my Snarky look..
I was amazed at how fast they got the site put together the longest part was just waiting for approval and my excitment was building like the count down to x-mas. But we did it and just a few days ago the site went live!!!
Since then the BBW community has been so amazing.. being the BBW of the month on BBWpedia and appearing on some Amazing Blogs. 
My social community's have really built with tons off friend requests from face book and some great followings on twitter as well as the members of BBW forums like chubby parade .. All these community's have offered very kind words of welcome and i would like to say THANK YOU!!

I want to say how great my loyal fans have been especially those that have followed me for years back to the days of Amanda Majestic

I am enjoying all the attention and cant wait to show u all what i got ;) 
Thanks for all your support, comments and to the new members of

Luv Mandy